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Offered to Indy fans and prop collectors is a 1:1 scale Indiana Jones Golden Fertility Idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark. This is the stunt version with our original weathered temple finish. This is a solid high grade resin cast finished with our own special gold and then weathered to perfection with dirt, dust and stains, dulled in lows and shined up on the highs. This is what the famous Idol would actually look like, not a shiny doorknob! This finish really brings out the details and sculptural lines of this prop, not washed out by an overly shiny finish. Of course opinions on this prop have always varied. This is our artistic take on the iconic prop, rest assured this is a piece you will be proud to display in your collection. Don't be fooled by the $99 idol on the internet, trust a 20 plus year veteran scenic artist for the pieces that matter! The idol stands approximately 7 3/8" tall and weighs 3.5 lbs. The bottom is felted black for protection.

Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Golden Fertility Idol Prop Replica


    "Once again, a magnificent job on everything.  This kind of master craftsmanship is what makes Walt Disney World... Disney!"    


    - Michael G. Kennedy, Sr. Designer
    Walt Disney Imagineering


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