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In addition to themed environments and props we specialize in custom costumes as well as hand forged steel and plastic armor.  We have the capabilities to create full costumes or single elements.  From hand forged steel on an anvil to vacuum forming plastics for lightweight applications.  We have the tools and knowledge to provide you the best cosplay possibilities, message us with your ideas!

Like our other creations our armor and costumes are all hand crafted.  We do not use 3D printed pieces or CNC.  We create the old school way, with our talent and artistic skills. 


These LOTR costumes are no longer for sale, after years of supplying fans we are no longer creating them, thanks for all of the support and kind words. 

The Witchking helmet or mask is made from 16ga. mild steel formed, shaped and
distressed by hand. The texture and finish on this replica helmet is truly
spectacular. The spikes on the crown measure 1/2 at the mid point, are thicker at
the base and taper to a fine point. The decayed edges and corroded holes are
screen accurate (with what reference there was at the time) as well as the riveted split forehead and nasal area. You will not
find a more accurate and realistic replica anywhere.


We machined solid steel spikes from 1/2" rod, one long and one short.  We welded those together and then curved and shaped them by hand.  Once shaped they were welded to the main helmet. 

This is one of our earlier helmets and shoulder pauldrons, it has slight shape differences. Our pattern changed every helmet we made with slight variations. After dozens of helmets we felt our replica was very close to screen accurate.  


The Gothic styled beauty of Witchking’s gauntlets starts at the fingers, each lame is hand cut
and rolled for strength, then riveted to heavy leather strapping. The leather strap ends are hand
stitched to the 100% leather glove underneath. The intimidating spiked knuckle plate is attached to
four articulated metacarpal plates on the back of the hand, followed by the spiked wrist plate. The
vambrace or forearm plates feature a beautiful gothic design. All of the riveting is done by hand
using steel roundhead rivets.

thumbnail (58).jpg

The Witchking’s mace or flail pictured above is constructed of a
foam filled resin shell which is textured heavily for that pitted,
fatiqued metal look. The chain is steel with welded spikes. The
handle is cast resin. The head of the mace is over 22 in height
and the overall length of the mace is over 5 feet!


What a beast of a weapon!

witchking mace texture pic.jpg

The texture is everything on this replica.  Deep, pitted and rusty steel with exposed steel showing through, just perfect!


The Ringwraith or Nazgul or Blackrider is one of our favorite characters.  So frightening yet so subtle.  Ours features a multi-layer, multi-fabric heavily distressed cloak and a pair of forged steel gauntlets... perfection!

thumbnail (38).jpg

These are our original design Ringwraith or Nazgul gauntlets from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  Much time and research went into the creation of this articulated masterpiece.  The example above is vacuum formed in Kydex plastic from our master forms, same plastic used in airline luggage, virtually indestructible

Our Uruk Hai armor hand formed in black PVC plastic.  

thumbnail (61).jpg

This is our Christmas Krampus costume.  This costume is created using faux fur and leather! Vintage bells adorn the strapping which has custom metal buckles and maybe even a little blonde girls braid! 

thumbnail (3).jpg

Fans of Krampus during his appearance at Cocktails and Screams Christmas events! Who said he just likes children?

thumbnail (18).jpg

This is the big daddy of armor jobs, one of those once in a life time experiences.  At least that is what Gabe and Pavel would tell you! This 12 foot tall, that's right! 12 foot tall suit of Troll armor was crafted for Universal Creative for Harry Potter Diagon Alley.  It is hand forged in aluminum and then heavily distressed. It currently hangs inside the blacksmith shop at Diagon Alley.  Go pay him a visit! 


The Troll armor next to Pavel


Shoe size comparison! Wow that's a gigantic foot!

thumbnail (19).jpg

These are the three suits of Goblin Armor we created for Gringotts Bank in Diagon Alley in Harry Potter at Universal Studios.  Hand forged in steel and acid etched.  Amazing props to say the least!


The Goblins in their nooks at Gringotts Bank in Diagon Alley

thumbnail (28).jpg

Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Pilot Helmet from Star Wars in vacuum formed ABS plastic.  We really took some time on this paint job, gave it that battle worn look.  Scrapes and dirt in all of the right places.  What a beauty!

blue ranger helmet.jpg

Our first Disney vendorship was in the costuming department at MGM Studios, we were the Power Ranger vendor.  We were the original fabricator of the new Jaguar Ranger.  This helmet was the first ever created for that character.  From master form, master mold and castings finished with MAP automotive paint.  What an honor to work on such an iconic line of characters!


The Jaguar Ranger shown next to a Clone Trooper helmet for size comparison.  The Power Ranger helmets are close fitting with virtually no inner padding

pink ranger.jpg

The pink Power Ranger helmet was a thrill to work on. Disney Hollywood Studios had us create six of these using strong lightweight fiberglass.  Perforated plastic is used for the vents

pink ranger 4.jpg

Most of our props are finished with catalyzed 2k automotive primer sprayed professionally which fills and sands to a glasslike surface.  We topcoat with Matthews MAP catalyzed automotive paint and finish with an automotive clear coat in a client preferred sheen. Don't confuse this with spray paint, not even close! This makes our props as resistant to wear as your car finish.  

pink ranger 5.jpg

A smoked acrylic visor and clear coat and this gem is ready for an actor to use in the studios!

tin man.jpg

This was the Demented Tin Man costume we created for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.  Vacuum formed plastic was used


This was our Achilles costume replica from the movie Troy.  As custom as it gets.  Full vacuum formed armor components as well as a hand made leather tunic with hand stitched detailing throughout.  

achilles 2.jpg

This is the 'Witty Owl' mascot head we designed and created.  Lightweight plastic, automotive paint and faux fur.  Fun little guy!

bandai ranger.jpg

 Bandai asked us to create some oversized helmets for their tradeshow booth.  We were more than happy to help out. The candy red paint job came out beautiful!


This was a costume helmet we created for Universal Studios Halloween Horror nights Bill & Teds Show.  It is in the 'Saw' movies style.  Throw the switch and the hammers impale 2 giant spikes into the wearers skull! Pretty twisted!


This is the second costume helmet prop we created in the 'Saw' theme, I think it pretty much speaks for itself!

This is a sci-fi spaceman costume we created.  All fiberglass components with automotive paint finish. The inside has LED lights that pulsate onto the mask inside the dome, great effect. Creepy!

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"Once again, a magnificent job on everything.  This kind of master craftsmanship is what makes Walt Disney World... Disney!"    


- Michael G. Kennedy, Sr. Designer
Walt Disney Imagineering


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