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Themed Decor

Our motto is 'Where Imagination And Creation Come Together'.  With custom themed decor those two variables are the key ingredients.  You the client can imagine anything in your wildest dreams and we the designers and builders will create it for you.  From a Pirate themed office to a custom themed home theater or a Winnie the Pooh themed baby room.  There is no limit to our art fabrication abilities!  Murals, sculptures, even furniture, you name it, we are a one stop shop that can design and create your vision!  We have been producing detailed and quality decor for over 2 decades and for the top entertainment venues on the planet like Disney and Universal Studios.  Our team of designers, artists, Imagineers and artisans can make your dreams come true!  Trust our expertise on your next project, you will not be disappointed!


This is the Guitar Throne we created for Rock and Brews Casino.  This was intended as a photo op for guests.  The guitars are set on stand offs creating a beautiful depth of overlaid guitars.  Custom woodwork featuring custom trim and nail heads, beautiful upholstery, all finished off with a 2 part automotive paint finish. 


This is the Pirate themed signage we created for the Pirate Soul Museum of Key West and St. Augustine, FL.  These heavily distressed wooden signs were v-groove routered and theme painted to perfection!


This is the Peter Pan Skull Rock parade float we created for Disney's Magic Kingdom.  This piece featured a welded aluminum armature covered in foam and fiberglass


Colorful paintwork with highlighting and shading added so much depth to the piece.  

thumbnail (3).jpg

Urethane foam was sprayed over the aluminum armature creating a substantial base to sculpt from


This is the finished piece shown next to our original small scale maquette.  The small model was used during fabrication as a 3D reference


This is a Scooby Doo themed Haunted Castle set.  All hard coated sculpted foam with wooden supports, painted in blacklight UV reactive Wildfire brand paints.  Scooby Doo even moved up and down!


Anybody like Scooby Snacks?

thumbnail (2).jpg

This is the Star Wars Weekends Darth Vader photo op set we created for Disney Hollywood Studios. This themed set included modular PVC panels that bolted together easily for set up and storage.  A heavy duty table was also constructed for guests to lie on during photos with Darth Vader

thumbnail (5).jpg

The design elements of this set were spectacular

thumbnail (37).jpg
thumbnail (4).jpg

This set is amazing to see in person but when you add Darth Vader to it the magic begins!

thumbnail (52).jpg

This is a Tatooine photo op set we created for Star Wars Weekends at Disney Hollywood Studios.  It featured two 12' tall moisture vaporators

This is a Haunted House set built for Cocktails And Screams Orlando. Styled after many Victorian haunted houses as well as the Bates house from Psycho 

This is the 'Ice Pond' float we created for Disney's Magic Kingdom parade.  

tattonie 1.jpg

Of course what Star Wars set would be complete without Stormtrooper blast marks?!?  Looks like some Jawas put up a fight!


This is the Ice Pond parade float we created for Disney's Magic Kingdom. This Christmas themed float featured sculpted foam with fiberglass coated snowbanks on almost 75% of it's surface.  Glitter was added to the clear coat for an added 'icey' effect


Once again sculpted foam adding depth and realism to a themed set

chip dale.jpg

One of the best parts of this float was creating a Chip and Dale snowman sculpture


We were a major contributor towards the design and build of Joysticks Bar in Orlando. Quite the immersive 80's environment, some even say the best they have ever experienced! 


The GOONIES "Never Say Die" VIP Lounge included a custom One Eyed Willie, ornate wood mantle, sculpted mermaid corbels, numerous movie props and creative lighting throughout, all custom fabricated to the highest level


The Goonies theme is one of the best Pirate themes ever imagined, creating a themed room after such an iconic movie was a thrill! 


The skull entrance was created using sculpted foam with a fiberglass coating, virtually indestructible and frequently used in high traffic areas.  


One of the best custom movie props in the Goonies themed room were Data's Slick Shoes!


This is the Haunted Mansion booth we designed and created for Joysticks Arcade Bar in Orlando.  Tufted purple vinyl, gloss black arms and a replica gate plaque finished this piece off

jaws collage.jpg

The JAWS booth at Joysticks was another foam sculpture with an amazing airbrushed finish, cast resin teeth and a custom Orca bench seat


The Donkey Kong themed back bar for Joysticks is a stunning blacklight statement piece.  The beams appear to float on the wall just like in the 80's arcade game.


Donkey Kong himself was created from CNC cutting seven individual layers of PVC, all individually painted with blacklight paint and then assembled into one solid pixel sculpture.  What a showstopper!  

thumbnail (22).jpg

Mario jumping a barrel as 3D pixel art, painted with Wildfire UV paint


Seeing the Fireball and Oil Drum from Donkey Kong in 3D pixel art is just a thrill! 


What 80's themed bar would be complete without a Star Wars VIP room, this one named The Lightsaber Lounge. Featuring 6 glowing lightsabers, a themed pinball machine, Han Solo in Carbonite and replica helmets from the movies!


Blacklight UV paintwork is an amazing element that adds vibrant colors and bold statements to themed environments.  We specialize in UV murals and props


We created the light up star displays at Disney Hollywood Studios. 

stars 3.jpg

The stars were all welded aluminum, textured with MAP automotive paint with inner weatherproof LEDs mounted 

stars 2.jpg

The custom welded support 'trees'

stars 4.jpg

This photo show the texture of the finish as well as the very clean and simple mount for the star via a flange and through bolt

spot me 7.jpg

We had the pleasure of helping create the branding for Spot Me ID.  A great company creating identification products for parents and children.  Their mascot 'Spot' was super cute and a lot of fun to create. In this case a themed room or environment was essential for their stores.  They required a wow factor and we were more than happy to help!

spot me 6.jpg
spot me 4.jpg

This is the finished foam sculpture next to the raw version.  Dense urethane sculpting foam is a great medium to work in, allowing fine details to be created.  Fiberglass is our choice of hard coat, time and labor intensive but tried and true, it is rock solid and resists everything! We use Mathews MAP automotive paint for a durable finish.  Once again quality is our top priority! 

spot me 3.jpg

Spot definitely ranks among the cutest doggy characters! Move over Snoopy!

spot me 2.jpg

Every dog deserves a mansion so we created one just for Spot.  This one was built modular so it breaks down for easy storage and installation.  Not shown are two TV monitors that mount inside of the windows and show activity inside Spots house, nice added detail!

spot me 8.jpg

Lightweight but solid plywwod construction.  The house breaks apart at the roof line for easy transport, fitting through a standard doorway

thumbnail (18).jpg

One of our larger jobs, Disney's Magic Kingdom Enchanted Tales With Belle.  We created the thousands of square feet of faux books for her highly themed dual libraries.  We created the master forms, laid out designs, molded multiple panel designs, and cast all of the books and panels using fire retardant resins.  We made every book detailed and unique using gold stamps.   

thumbnail (19).jpg

These are just the molds for the individual masters that were then laid out into panels.  Those panels were then molded which led to the creation of thousands of prop panels which made up the massive libraries

books 2.jpg

We never did count all of the faux books but there were tens of thousands for sure!  I'm sure there is a Disney fan out there who knows!

thumbnail (13).jpg

The bottom rows that could be seen by guests had top detail as well

books 3.jpg

Creating this fabulous decor for themed environments is just the first step, installing it is a whole other ball game!

tank 3.jpg

The 'Tank Of Terror' was one of our favorite magic illusion props we created for the retail display at Disney's Magic Kingdom main street shops.  These were props designed to hold merchandise. Retail display and themed props and sets go hand in hand.   


This design featured brass plate and rivets throughout and an amazing sign topper with all of the fantastic Disney details you would expect!

thumbnail (8).jpg

We had the extreme pleasure of working on Harry Potter Diagon Alley for Universal Studios.  One of our largest and complex jobs was Ollivander's Wand Shop.  We fabricated thousands of faux wand boxes. Cast in molds created from our custom designed layouts, they were very realistic, featuring multiple styles and colors and tilted, falling shelve units as well.   


It was difficult to tell these faux panels from real individually stacked boxes, the random placed and stacked boxes added much depth to the castings, we did our job well! The distressed paintwork finished off the panels nicely

thumbnail (48).jpg

It was amazing how much effort our Harry Potter staff put into these props daily.  They did an outstanding job on such a repetitive project.  Their effort and dedication was unmatched!


We also created the Goblin ledgers for Gringott's Bank, once again faux panels with individual leaning books added for realism.


How many scenic artists get to work on the Hogwarts Express train? Not many! Our staff was thrilled to be able to fabricate and install the fiberglass coal tenders for the trains at Universal Studios.  


Ryan always bossing people around!


We also created hundreds of faux candles for Harry Potter Diagon Alley.  The key to realism is to use semi-transparent resin in multiple shades, that creates a true wax look and feel


This is one of our original design medieval themed castle sets.  All foam and wood construction, this set breaks apart easily into flats for ease of transport and installation.  

castle drawing.jpg

When we are hired to create theme environments or prop we draw from multiple sources, existing art, ideas, places, etc. This piece was used as inspiration for the architectural elements of the previously shown castle set.  We encourage the client to submit as much reference material as possible so we can develop a design that covers all expectations 

thumbnail (10).jpg

We were one of the main contributors to the Halloween themed scenic decor at Cocktails & Screams, a horror themed bar located in Orlando Florida


We created this example of a 'tiny' haunted house set using many reference photos of various Victorian houses.  Having a limited ceiling height mean accommodations would need to be made with scale in order to allow guests to enjoy the view from the balcony

All ready for paintwork.  It's amazing what the right colors, distressing and ageing can do!!!

thumbnail (4).jpg

Basic wood construction under the amazing scenic finish work made for a guest proof facade capable of enduring night after night of wear and tear common in the nightclub or bar industry!

The window details added a lot to the look of the house.  Built as add ons it made install very easy!

The custom oval shaped window on the door really gives off that spooky horror movie vibe.  

thumbnail (1).jpg

This Vampire themed stage was created using custom millwork and hand sculpted elements.  The flanking curtains and header add much depth to the set adding an inviting feel to the space

The two Vampire face sculptures feature a fog effect from a machine hidden under the stage, quite the effect!


The functional organ and custom pipes were created to add a central focal point to the bar space.  

thumbnail (5).jpg
thumbnail (6).jpg

Salvaged organ pipes were used in the creation of the custom pipe design.  Gold automotive paint was used for the brilliant finish

thumbnail (3).jpg

Sometimes we work from skillfully drawn renderings, other times it's literally a sketch on a napkin!


Perfect symmetry really makes this organ a work of art as well as an instrument

thumbnail (8).jpg

The side stacks add additional dimension to the pipes giving them depth and prestige

thumbnail (6).jpg

This is a Mesoamerican calendar and custom base that we created for the Mexico Pavilion in Disney's Epcot Center.  This was an original sculpt that we molded and then cast using a textured and colored filler mixed with resin which produced a sand stone look and feel

thumbnail (7).jpg

The details on this sculpture are unmatched!

thumbnail (13).jpg

This is Goofy's Pirate set we created for Pirate's of the Caribbean in Disney's Magic Kingdom.  This is a photo op set for the pirate Goofy character.  It features a hand painted flag, custom resin cast barrels, crates, sculptures, a custom cannon, maps, hats, hanging fruit and baskets, etc., all weather and guest proof


This is a Greek Parthenon facade we created for an Olive Garden corporate event.  Sometimes all it takes is one statement piece at an entrance to completely transform your corporate event from ordinary to extraordinary!

thumbnail (9).jpg

This is the great cabin of the Black Pearl pirate ship from Pirate's of the Caribbean.  This set was constructed to be used as an elevated office space.  The walls were all angled, functional windows and doors, scalloped roof and amazing molding and sculptural details

thumbnail (11).jpg

Custom sculpted, molded and cast mermaid corbels adorned the lower section of the ships great cabin

278605_240511275967936_3655030_o (1).jpg

An embedded cannon ball was a fun little feature on this set, it glowed red to simulate hot embers on the damaged planking and half missing mermaid 


The multiple layers of moldings added depth and detail to the set 

Jaws Mural.jpg

This is an original JAWS tribute acrylic painting.  Done in a graffiti 'street art' mural style it stands 8 feet tall by 6 feet wide.  Hand painted with acrylics on a canvas, it is meant to be the centerpiece of a large wall.  Please visit our You Tube link to watch a time lapse video of Jeffrey Michael Stelter painting it

thumbnail (5).jpg
thumbnail (4).jpg

Nothing comes close to a hand painted canvas.  The brush strokes, the texture and the colors bring the painting to life unlike one dimensional prints.

Ice Age Concept.jpg

This is our design for an Ice Age themed themed childrens room.  The room features a scuplted foam Iceberg bed, sculpted foam wall details, character appliques, a 360 degree wrap around wall mural along with a simulated ocean floor and sky ceiling.  


This bed is built as an adventure style bed.  Children can climb, explore and create fun and lasting memories over just sleeping on a standard bed.

The full wrap around wall mural as well as ceiling and floor details truly bring this themed room to life.  

This is a great example of a Toy Story themed room we were hired to create some 3D props for.  The design is truly spectacular and well thought out.   

Wood, PVC and foam all were used for this entrance topper prop.  The curved design really makes it pop! The finish is hardcore automotive paint.

This robot guard prop is sculpted foam with a rigid hardcoat finished with automotive paint

This rocket prop will be filled with plush aliens and children will be climbing all over it so we opted for a fiberglass shell over the foam rocket sculpt and plywood stairs. Finished with automotive paint, this combination's durability is unmatched. 


This is the Elvira themed booth at Cocktails & Screams.  The original custom Elvira sign is multi-layered routed pvc with automotive paint and clearcoat.  


The gloss clear coat really brings out the colors! Plus the durability factor is unmatched!

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"Once again, a magnificent job on everything.  This kind of master craftsmanship is what makes Walt Disney World... Disney!"    


- Michael G. Kennedy, Sr. Designer
Walt Disney Imagineering


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