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Frankenstein Lab Props

The Frankenstein theme has always held a special place in our imagination, creating laboratory props that bring that old, creepy, damp castle feeling alive is a passion for us.  We have been designing and building mad lab props for over 10 years, the original Stelter Creative brand was our first venture into this theme. We put much love into our designs, often copied but never duplicated.  No detail is overlooked. From tabletop props to wall panels or full themed environments, our original design pieces are showstoppers! 


This is one of our favorite design Jacobs Ladder props. Fully functional at 15,000 volts. Custom lathe turned tube base and topper.  A real retro sci-fi vibe!


Most of our Frankenstein Lab prop parts are handmade, our custom lathe turned parts are extremely detailed, this is what sets our builds apart from the rest, the quality of the details!

thumbnail (15).jpg

This is a single tube Frankenstein bubbler tabletop prop, over four feet tall.  Behind is a transformer grid wall panel. To the right is a double plasma chamber prop 

thumbnail (14).jpg

A close up of a blue plasma chamber

thumbnail (8).jpg

This pictures shows our Frankenstein head being worked on by the doctor himself! The custom steel and wood apparatus rotates allowing all angles to be viewed.  Four thumb screw head spikes hold the head in place.


Another one of our favorite deigns, a double blue plasma chamber tabletop prop.  Notice how the staggered base follows the glass chamber angles perfectly?  Another noted detail is the custom main power plaque, very Victorian looking.  It's about the details! Doesn't get much cooler than this!


This is our Frankenstein four tube bubbler tabletop prop.  Copper elements and a twisted steam gauge adorn this masterpiece.  


A gas collection pod, who knows what's festering behind that glass?!?  One of the best parts of designing Frankenstein Lab props is the unique nature of the science used, it's pretty much anything goes!


This is a transformer grid wall panel, basic in design but a visually pleasing element for sure. Vintage amber colored beehive lamps were used.  notice the broken, missing and hanging tags, effective use of realistic wear and tear

thumbnail (3).jpg

This is a four foot tall main power wall panel.  All custom designed and fabricated metal tags and dial plates, very detailed

thumbnail (19).jpg
thumbnail (2).jpg

All of our tags and dial plates are steel with a stenciled paint finish, worn and distressed to perfection! This one is from Transylvania Electric Co.

thumbnail (9).jpg

This is our Frankenstein monster body vitals wall panel.  A blinking red LED shows the heartbeat of the monster being worked on

thumbnail (11).jpg

This was a fun panel to design and build, really adds a whole new level of coolness to the laboratory theme!


This is an example of a single tube bubbler but with a monster hand added to the inside

thumbnail (5).jpg

Sometimes the designs just come together perfectly, this bubbler has the perfect balance of details and parts, the flared base top and flanking towers just add so much depth to the piece


This is our smallest Jacobs Ladder prop.  Easy on the budget but still strong on details! This one is still pushing 12,000 volts


Building it is just the first step, making it look old and worn is a whole other process! With Frankenstein Lab props it's about dirt, oil, rust and soot and any other factor like heat and flame, they all contribute to the finished look


This is a double plasma chamber prop.  Cool thing is the energy is discharged into the spherical power cell at the top.  


Spherical power cell up close!

thumbnail (6).jpg

This is another double plasma chamber tabletop prop, please note it has not been aged yet. It's feeding a larger power cell which has a pulsating blue glowing effect. This unit is four feet tall!

thumbnail (7).jpg

Large power cell up close


This is the first Jacobs Ladder prop we ever constructed. 


Sometimes you just luck out and find the perfect antique to use as a Frankenstein Lab prop.  This medical device was a rare find, we simply added the top base with insulators and electrodes and it was perfect!  Still have no idea what it does?!?

thumbnail (20).jpg

This is our motorized copper tri-mixer tabletop prop.  This piece adds motion to the Frankenstein Lab set giving it some 'action'.  

face corbels.jpg

In a Frankenstein mad lab if a shelf needs some extra support then of course it would be from some creepy faces holding chains in their mouths.  This design is perfectly horrific!


Adding a little extra detail on subtle pieces makes all the difference in a set


A good back story is as important as the design and execution.  On one of our larger build Frankenstein sets there were wood shelves.  On a top shelf we added large antique books and then broke the shelf in the middle as if the weight had broken it, we then added a splint with apparent sloppy nails for a quick fix, as if Igor had needed to repair it quick and get back to helping Dr. Frankenstein.  Unfortunately I see so many propmakers create sets and props that don't make any sense.  

thumbnail (57).jpg

Three of our best tabletop props in one eight foot long display at a sci-fi convention.  


One of our full wall set ups.  Using a base cabinet really creates a full lab feel, storing tons of surplus parts inside of the cabnet is just icing on the cake!


Kind of like Christmas, you can never have enough lights!

thumbnail (13).jpg

Used as background props the Frankenstein mad lab never disapoints!


We always have an array of vintage and reproduction EF Johnson insulators as well as some original designs on hand. Pictured are a few versions that we use frequently. These insulators add that vintage look and feel to our line of props and decor.  They are becoming very rare! 

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