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Custom Props

What is a prop? Well it can be anything to enhance a set or themed environment.  For example... Han Solo in Carbonite is a prop and definitely enhanced the Star Wars universe! Some props need to be custom fabricated because they are original to conceptual artwork, that's where we come in! We can create everything from a replica of the Fertility Idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark to a Slimer from Ghostbusters.  Your imagination is our palette!  


Definitely one of the coolest and cutest novelty props out there, Grogu in carbonite! Small enough to mount on any wall but eye catching enough to stand out with fans and collectors alike. This high end display prop is a hand made work of art featuring our original full size sculpt of Grogu done by Jeffrey Michael Stelter. Cast in high quality black Smooth On brand resin, the details and texture is unmatched, very old school vibe! His hands and feet protrude outward and runs of Carbonite run from his eyes and mouth, very much like what we would expect if he were encased against his will. His favorite ball handle clutched in his hand as he becomes entrapped. The containment box is hand made from clear pine, glued and nailed with smooth, routered round overs on all sides. There are 2 greeblie side panels also cast in resin, mounted securely on each side. The paint finish is 2 part automotive urethane paint over 2k catalyzed primer, NOT cheap rattle can, this is a total pro build, no expense spared.   

*** This piece is available in our online store*** 

Mouth and eyed runs, just like Han Solo!

Star Wars props would not be cool without greeblies, our original side panel is full of cool details

grogu mold combo 2.jpg

This is the basic mold making process we used to mold our Grogu sculpture.  This is a silicone mold with a fiberglass jacket.  We will first pour on the first couple of thin coats and then brush on a thickened rubber to build up the thickness.

thumbnail (39).jpg

Without a doubt one of the coolest props we have ever created.  This was made for Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in the Magic Kingdom.  The base is hand crafted, carved and distressed oak with a hand painted four foot map globe and hand sewn and distressed velvet skirting.  The detailing is explosive!

globe wood distress.jpg

The white oak woodwork was meticulously distressed to show years of age.  Chips and scrapes were enhanced using glazes, stains and tinted clear coats.  This aged pirate look is a lot of fun and the process can be very rewarding!

thumbnail (18).jpg

All of the map globe details were hand painted then heavily aged

thumbnail (1).jpg

These custom drapes took a beating! Maybe a rogue musket ball or a victim of a swashbuckling sword fight!

map globe raw.jpg

Shown here is a progress photo, raw oak and cast resin parts will soon become a very realistic pirate prop

thumbnail (10).jpg

This is our original sculpt full sized Slimer from Ghostbusters. He stands over 5 feet tall! He is rotational cast in blacklight reactive translucent green resin.  This is the closest looking Slimer you will ever find to a see through ghost. He sits properly upon a custom slime stand. 

This is our original design Slimer wall mount figure.  He is full sized but easily mounts to any flat surface.  He comes with very simple mounting hardware.  Just pick the spot, add 3 screws and you're done! This design saves on space and shipping costs.  *** This prop is available in our online store for purchase *** 

Real Eyes Weathered Idol Main.jpg

This is our Golden Fertility Idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark. This is the 'Real Eyes' version or 'Hero' prop. Most high end prop makers have turned out a version of this iconic prop.  As always we go for the worn and weathered version, we call it the 'weathered temple version', still shiny but finished with just enough temple dirt, stains and specks to make it realistic to what Indy was after and how it would look being in a damp cave environment.  Real brown eyes were used same as the original movie production prop.

*** This piece is available in our online store*** 

Our hero Idol under glass in a clients home display.  We are always honored when a collector chooses our replica for their collection


This is our 'Real Eyes' Idol but with a gold leafed finish.

This is our drilled pupil version with a plated finish on the left and a dulled down plated finish on the right.  


This is our original one of a kind Smurf in a cage.  Gargamel really has Clumsy caught this time! Maybe he will finally make a Smurf into gold?!?  Some of the finest detail you will ever find on a movie prop


This is our full sized Iron Throne replica from Game of Thrones.  We molded eight different swords and cast them in resin, used PVC sword blades and heat formed and molded them all into a mass of dragon melted steel! Long live House Stark! 

*** This piece is available in our online store***


The swords really do appear to be melted together.  The silver and bronze tone paints along with the glazes combine to generate a very realistic finish on the highly textured surface


Of course this throne is textured, pitted and rusty, just like it should be!

One of our happy clients on her new Iron Throne! A Queen needs her throne!

mickey binoculars.jpg

This was a great prop to build, just one of those fun pieces, nice design and a challenge to fabricate.  This was for the Mickey adventurer character in Disney's Animal Kingdom.  This was a full sculpt, mold and multiple casts project as they needed half a dozen

mickey binoculars 2.jpg

Which way did Goofy go?!?

thumbnail (14).jpg

This is our original build Han Solo in Carbonite prop replica.  One of the best automotive MAP paint jobs we have ever done. Just enough contrast on the different metal colors to really pop! Looks fresh out of Bespin!

thumbnail (12).jpg

Just for fun here is Han and Slimer together, not gonna see this everyday!

thumbnail (16).jpg

Our original 1:1 sculpt Sam bust from Trick 'R Treat.  This high end replica is roto-cast in orange resin, custom painted and distressed to perfection.  He also has added hemp stitches and a felted base.  

*** This piece is available in our online store*** 

thumbnail (15).jpg

This is our Premiere Sam and lollies diplay set.  Comes with a hand crafted wood base, Sam bust and both versions of the lollipops! What a display!

thumbnail (11).jpg

Our original sculpt lollies from Trick 'R Treat.  Pressure cast at 60 psi in translucent orange resin, makes them bubble free and crystal clear. The best!


Our original sculpt Book of the Dead from The Mummy.  The black book gives life! 


My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die! Six fingered man glove, hand stitched leather, custom display box

thumbnail (54).jpg

We created this custom control panel for a Disney ride vehicle in the Magic Kingdom.  One of the first Disney props we ever constructed!


Very Disney in design, coolest knobs ever!

thumbnail (12).jpg

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! This is our original sculpt 48" Ghostbusters sign, vacuum formed in white translucent acrylic, hand painted details

thumbnail (17).jpg

We created this Green Eggs and Ham prop just for fun! 

thumbnail (55).jpg

These are custom fabricated trunks for Disneys Magic Kingdom, all welded aluminum with cast resin details, finished in weather resistant automotive paint

thumbnail (40).jpg

Ever see a Qbert in real life? Well we made one.  Original foam sculpture with a fiberglass coating and bright orange finish!  @!#?@!  See below the full process

qbert collage.jpg

This is a foam sculpture process from start to finish, urethane foam, fiberglass coating with automotive paint

thumbnail (13).jpg

Disney characters are always the most fun to work with.  For the Winnie The Pooh ride at Magic Kingdoms Fantasyland expansion we sculpted, molded and cast the pop up gophers, what personality they all had! 


Happy Gophers! 

foam sculpture collage.jpg

Hard coated foam sculptures are some of the most impactful additions you can make to a themed environment. They add depth and a whole lot of fun! We specialize in sculptures in many mediums and applications.  The above examples are dense urethane foam with a hard fiberglass coating.  Automotive paint and clear coats are applied for years of protection  

thumbnail (4).jpg

This is another memory maker job for a scenic artist fabricator! This is a themed build we did to the the Magic Kingdom parade car.  We turned it into a crazy car that looks like a troop of Muppets lashed it all together.  Too many custom props to list but just look at the photos and you will appreciate some serious theming and fabrication.  Yes we even met Kermit The Frog himself for the testing! The puppeteers are housed inside of the lashed trunks, pretty cool! 

muppet 2.jpg

One of the reasons Disney is the best entertainment company in the world is that they provide their fabrication artists full and complete design packages which include amazing conceptual art.  Every drawing helps build the story behind the prop or set.  

thumbnail (15).jpg

We engineered the entire back to open up via a secret door so the puppeteers could easily climb in and out. Two people actually sit inside of the tan trunk with blue stripes!

muppet vine.jpg

This 'out of control' vine is actually the handle to open the secret door to the puppeteer compartment, if you look closely you can see the hinges on the gray trunk edge. Now that's craftsmanship!

thumbnail (5).jpg

It was a thrill to actually have a live conversation with Kermit the Frog!  Miss Piggy joined him later


Muppet fans at the Magic Kingdom were delighted with the car!


This is the type of prop that adds so much to a themed environment, even a venue as amazing as Disney can benefit from adding that extra bit of magic from an extreme custom prop. These added themed props can make a guest experience a lifelong memory!


Miss Piggy always steals the spotlight!


This is our production silicone mold for the Mickey shaped balloons for the Muppet Parade car.  These were rotocast in color tinted resin making them durable and lightweight.  The example Disney provided weighed 8lbs, our new rotocast version ended up at a 5lbs, a big difference for sure! 

thumbnail (17).jpg

The lathe can be a propmakers favorite tool! At least when you need a cylindrical object created!  Here we are turning a custom pirate cannon in dense urethane foam for Disney


Size does matter!!! We can make props big or small, or recreate a small prop in larger scale.  This particular sculpture was for Disney's EPCOT Center


"Yes I am trying to reach accounts payable?!?"


This was a plunger detonator prop created for Goofy's Barnstormer roller coaster in The Magic Kingdom.  

coke prop.jpg

To most people this would just look like a tub of ice cold Coke bottles.  To a Disney prop maker it is much more! This build was a marvel! We had to create clear Coke bottles that looked full, create ice and make it look melted, all using clear resin.  Needless to say that by the time we were done you could not tell it from the real thing!  Thanks to the Imagineer who gave us this job, you know who you are! I think it aged us 10 years from the stress!

mickey camera.jpg

This is a fun little oversized Mickey Mouse camera prop for the walk around characters

mickey hands.jpg

Need a hand???

dippin dots.jpg

This is a Dippin' Dots ice cream for King Kong!  Just kidding, this roof mounted oversized prop was created for Sea World Orlando

thumbnail (19).jpg

Our love of Disney's Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion is no secret! When the Imagineering team asked us to build the new parade float topper and permanent addition tombstones for the attraction remodel we were thrilled! To create something that will influence future generations of fans and artists was an honor that we took very serious!

thumbnail (52).jpg

Everyone in the shop had a favorite tombstone, Good Old Fred was very popular!

thumbnail (3).jpg

The centerpiece of the float topper was a custom sculpted and CNC cut Madam Leota Tombstone replica.   

thumbnail (11).jpg

Every detail was reproduced on the main stones.  We as artists were acting as fans as well during the build.  What a thrill!

tombstones 2.jpg

Ready for paint magic! These were the two of the new permanent tombstones added to the Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom during the remodel.  Their design is amazing and so fitting of such an iconic attraction.  

thumbnail (2).jpg

Finished and installed in it's final resting place!


Ready to be enjoyed by future generations of Haunted Mansion and Disney fans for years to come!


We are lucky enough to be one of the few scenic art studios to have a Haunted Mansion Gate Plaque mold taken from an original studio cast. So many generations of re-casts and now the recent offering of made in China replicas have created so many versions with incorrect details.  Even the spacing between the words 'The' and 'Haunted' have been recreated incorrectly on some replicas. 

*** This piece is available in our online store***  


Still one of the greatest sculptures ever created, just an amazing work of art!

thumbnail (20).jpg

This is our original sculpt Bracelet of Anubis prop replica from the movie The Mummy Returns.  

thumbnail (8).jpg

The bracelet opened so it could be worn, such a beautiful Egyptian gold finish with black onyx eyes!

trunk collage 2.jpg

Building themed decor and props for theme parks in Florida requires finding materials and techniques that can resist the harsh weather and extreme guest use.  Our replica pirate trunks were all welded aluminum construction with cast resin and pvc details molded directly from original trunks and chests.  Automotive primer and base colors were used and finished with an automotive clear coat.  The top 2 photos show pre-paint unfinished and primer stage. The final product is authentic looking and almost bomb proof!

thumbnail (3).jpg

This is another example of an aluminum and resin pirate trunk.  All trunk hardware was cast in molds created from original antique trunks and chests

thumbnail (2).jpg

  Our version of baby Groot.  Ours was cast in a soft brown foam so he had a little wiggle when you moved him around, so cute!


What a face!


This is Stanley, he is our 6 foot tall custom designed and crafted Piranha Plant from Mario Bros.  He is built on a welded steel armature and pvc base with a foam and fiberglass coating.  His enormous fitted teeth are cast in resin and the whole piece is finished with a beautiful automotive paint finish.  What a showpiece!


The pvc base is heavily ballasted to offset the weight of the top heavy sculpture.  Six feet of sheer videogame terror!

thumbnail (5).jpg

This is another prop car we did for Disney's Hollywood Studios.  The Black Gremlin car was featured in Cars 2 and was used in the auto stunt show at the studios

thumbnail (12).jpg

The roof mounted fiberglass rocket is definitely an eyecatcher!

origami sphere.jpg

An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods. Well I never got my wish!


Sometimes custom props are made from fun and interesting materials.  Other times it's as simple as a piece of white paper.  This prop was created for the Japan Pavilion in Epcot Center.  It is a sphere made of 1000 origami cranes, all hand folded in our shop, all supported by monofilament line.  Also it may look like a simple piece but rest assured the engineering to correctly fabricate a sphere out of hanging paper cranes is quite the achievement!

cobra collage.jpg

We had the pleasure of working on the main signage for the Indiana Jones Adventure Ride at Disneyland.  These flanking cobra sculptures have the perfect 'Indy' look that we all love.  We ended up molding and casting these in rotocast resin

vamp kit large.jpg

This is our largest size custom made Vampire Hunters Killing Kit.  It is about as custom as it gets with every item you can think of for those night raids on the undead!


The blood stained photo of an apparent loved one is one of the exceptional details of our Vampire Killing Kits.  The crucifix is an original cast as well finished in an aged cream patina


All of our killing kits come with our Vampire hunters guide book, leather bound with a lot of fun information!


The outside of the box is as dangerous as the inside, note the deep blood stains near the spikes.  


This is our smaller more compact Vampire Killing Kit, not as many items as our larger kit but more lightweight for a solo hunter!  These kits are available on our Etsy page


From vintage pliers for pulling out Vampire teeth as a trophy to a bottle of holy water, our kits have all of the articles needed for those ready to rid the world of the undead!


All of our Vampire Killing Kits come with our original design wooden stake, adorned with a silver emblem and tip, they are deadly for sure! Paired with our wooden mallet these are the undeads worst nightmare!


Our Vampire Skull prop is always a fun piece for Halloween!

willie 2.jpg

This is our full sized custom made One Eyed Willy prop replica from the best 80's movie ever... The Goonies!  Even though he is not seen that much in the cabin scene we created him in what we thought was a great tribute piece.  From his vintage baroque fabric chair and his rum goblet to the infamous custom eye patch, he sits proudly as the first Goonie! 


All of Willy's clothing was hardened and aged so it could withstand handling, after all who would not wanna touch One Eyed Willy? At least look under the patch!


It's the little fun details that make a work environment enjoyable.  We theme painted our trash dumpster to look like Wall-E.  Even taking out the trash would made you smile!

wall e.jpg

Wall-e couldn't be happier!


This is a fiberglassed foam sculpture of a melting purse ice cream cone.  Strange design but a fabulous build on our part executing clean lines and a smooth finish on a difficult shape and mount.  Super glossy MAP automotive paint really shows off the form.  


The cone featured a hidden steel pipe with a threaded end designed to easily thread into the ice cream puddle base.


This is our Harry Potter wand display base with mantle shelf.  The wand base is a semi-circle design with precision machined channels which holds 15 wands.  This display is crafted from red oak with a routered edge detail, highly distressed with wire brushing, worm holes and dings along with worn edges.  The finish is a medium brown with deep lows showing the wear and grain of the wood.  The mantle shelf is custom designed and adds to the overall character of the entire display with a distressed black painted finish and custom adornments.  A very wizardly way to display these fine collectibles from Harry Potter! 

*** This piece is available in our online store***

cooper bones main.jpg

This is our replica of the Copper Bones prop from the classic 'The Goonies'.  This prop needs no introduction.  Our fine replica is cold cast copper using translucent resin with a black, green and slight rust patina. What a fun piece to hold in your hand! 

goonies mold combo 2.jpg

Here is a quick reference of us pouring the mold for the Copperbones prop.  This is a silicone block mold.

glow skull main.jpg

We LOVE skulls!  Pictured above is our Glow in the dark skull. This is the perfect retro Halloween decoration or stand alone Halloween prop for your curio cabinet or creepy mantle shelf. Unique does not even come close to describing it! It looks like it came right out of Scooby Doo! This meticulously crafted art piece is sure to grab some attention and is just a scream to look at! This is a high end full sized replica of a human skull, cast in a mold taken directly from a real skull. This skull is professionally hand rotocast hollow in translucent resin with UV Ignite Green and Glo-Worm additives from Smooth on. This is NOT a surface coating or a cheap glow paint, this color is throughout the entire cast and is the most eye catching green possible! In normal lighting conditions it pops but shine a blacklight on it and WOW! 

skull 1.jpg

This is our standard jawless skull prop


We also create realistic skull walls, not to be confused with cheap made in China offerings


A variety of artistic finishes are available creating an endless possibility of design choices


We also have unique skulls to use on props and sets.  Pictured above is one of our favorites, a monkey skull just waiting to add magic to a witch doctor or tiki theme.

orca no background.jpg

This is our 48" JAWS Orca model boat.  This is entirely custom handcrafted, down to every detail. If you are a JAWS fan this is for sure the ultimate collectible.  Click the Orca above to see a video of our model and how we built it!   

orca no background 2.jpg

The Orca is such an iconic visual set in the world of cinema, some don't get it, but those that do realize how much attention to detail was put into this boat

orca no background 3.jpg

The infamous chum bucket! 


This is our Gremlin gone crazy in the paint department!  The paint is fiberglassed foam with an automotive paint finish.  


This piece was definitely a challenge not to break during the fabrication process but the thin base definitely makes it more realistic. 

This is a custom 1:1 scale E.T prop.  We sculpted an original from clay, created a mold and then rotocast a resin copy figure. A custom bracket was created for the bike. We used an accurate basket and an epoxy hardened blanket finished him off!  This prop was created as a photo op

Still one of the most iconic characters in motion pictures! Our hand painted eyes on the inside of acrylic half spheres really make the difference between our high end props and mass produced China products with cheap, quickie paint jobs. 

This is one of our original design pumpkin scarecrow props.  This particular example was created using an all stick construction with rope wrapped joints and a final epoxy hardcoat to seal it all together.  The head is fiberglass cast in our in house jack-o-lantern mold and finished with automotive paint. Draping fabric and added vines finished him off.


Fiberglass is the best option for a head of this size.  Very strong and lightweight and finishes beautifully.


We were lucky enough to create some of the props for the original Grinchmas show at Universal studios.  The shapes and colors are always so much fun to work with on the Dr. Suess theme!

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"Once again, a magnificent job on everything.  This kind of master craftsmanship is what makes Walt Disney World... Disney!"    


- Michael G. Kennedy, Sr. Designer
Walt Disney Imagineering


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