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Rotocasting Machines
And Casting Services

Tilted Tombstone Studios is excited to offer the Stelter Creative original design Rotational Casting Machines! Don't be fooled by cheap, poorly fabricated copycats, get the real deal!  These machines are tried-and-true in the custom fabrication industry.  Made by artists for artists in the USA. These professional rotocasters are made to order, please message us for more information on lead times, much of the time we can accommodate rush orders.


We also offer rotational casting services.  From big to small there are no limitations when it comes to our hollow casting service, themed prop fabrication, scenic elements and custom made prototype parts are one step away! Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Rotocaster Flyer.jpg

These rotocasting machines feature all welded steel construction with a safety yellow powdercoat finish for years of durability.  Pictured above is our popular 3x3 size.  The compact footprint makes these machines a dream to use and store.  Adjustable perforated mounting bars make mounting your molds a breeze!


All components used on our machines are industrial grade and are selected for their quality and longevity, no made in China garbage here!


The quality of parts and the fit and finish can be seen close up!


Our digital speed controller is top of the line and very user friendly.  It features a forward/brake/reverse switch, led indicator lamp and adjustable dial for rotation speed so you can set your casting precisely everytime.  Rotocasting has never been easier!


Our largest stock size of 5x5 is capable of casting the largest props while being able to accomodate molds of all shapes and sizes.  We stock 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 as well.  Give us a call and let us make your rotocasting needs a reality!  

film strip.jpg

Click the photo to watch a video of the machine in action!

film strip.jpg

Click the photo to watch a video of us testing a rotocast prop barrel from a drop of 20 feet!

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