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Mystery Machine

We custom create Scooby Doo Mystery Machines.  Have you dreamed of driving the gang around in your very own Mystery Machine? Well we can create one for you with all of the details you dreamed of.  Trust me when I tell you the feeling is unmatched as you zoom through traffic in one of the most recognizable vehicles in pop culture.  You will even outshine the quarter million dollar super cars! I have done it! Message us with your interests.


This is the Stelter Creative Scooby Doo Mystery Machine version 1.  This 1972 Ford Econoline came to us an old beat up delivery van.  Two years later we finished the perfect replica.  Every detail was covered, from the amazing all paint finish to the custom embroidered seats to the amazing interior which even had a 'Ghost Detector'! The custom designed and vacuum formed engine cover, the holographic dash and 12" foam and chrome steering wheel hit the mark! A jacked up rear, custom side slashed exhaust, an eight ball shifter and Crager rims finished it off giving it a muscle car vibe Shaggy would have loved!  We're always gonna miss this one!  Of course we have plans for an even better one next! This van sold

Mystery Machine Driveway_edited.jpg

As mentioned before the custom paintwork was created using stencils.  No decals or vinyl is present on the finish, it is all paint with a clear coat applied.  

thumbnail (1).jpg

The project started as a beat up old van we found in the want ads. This photo is just after body repairs and primer.  Also the rear end was lifted and new wheels and tires added


The van had black epoxy sealer added and then the stenciling process begins

thumbnail (6).jpg

All set for clear coat!

thumbnail (5).jpg

Perfect lines, the black still showing through from the first coat of sealer


The finished product was a showstopper and turned heads everywhere she went!  Everyone smiles when you drive by, what a great feeling!


One of the coolest paint details was that we added a heavy prismatic flake to the base blue color, it really made the van pop with a 70's vibe!

thumbnail (2).jpg

Once again we tapped the 70's vibe and added heavily shagged wall sections and colorful tufted upholstery, this was our initial design sketch 


Custom diamond stitched upholstery adorned the interior, embroidered logos accented the seats


So many custom elements were added to the interior.  The small foam and chrome steering wheel, the holographic dash, white faced with red glowing gauges, an eight ball shifter and a custom drink holder tray were a few that set this van aside

2012-03-11 22.37.38.jpg

The red glowing gauges on the white faced dials are so spooky! Just perfect for a Mystery Machine!


One of the most eye catching details on the interior was the custom designed 'Ghost Detector'.  All of the lights and switches glowed red along with a green backlit radar screen with a blinking red light on the crosshairs.  

The red lighting on the Ghost Detector really gave it that spooky vibe!


We also added a custom A/C system with stylish dash controls and vents as well as a high end audio set up. Nothing was overlooked!

thumbnail (7).jpg

We created a custom 'Zoomie' dual exhaust, the throaty rumble sound from this van was amazing!


The motor was as pretty as the rest of the van, V8 power so Scooby and the gang could outrun those ghosts!

thumbnail (4).jpg

We toured the nationwide comic con circuit using the Mystery Machine as a photo op.  This van has brought a lot of happiness and pleasure to many people.  Scooby-dooby-doo!


This is our Version 2 Scooby Doo Mystery Machine.  This is a 1997 Honda ACTY direct imported micro van from Japan.  Yes the steering wheel is on the right! This van was a lot of fun creating.  The small compact size makes it even more cartoony than our original Mystery Machine. This van is a manual 5 speed with full A/C. The van has sliding doors on both sides and a rear cargo hatchback. We did a full professionally installed 3M vinyl wrap on this van. We custom chose the colors to really pop and match the original cartoon version.  The front spare wheel cover is a custom made fiberglass shell with an automotive paint finish. The rims are custom painted with automotive paint as well.  A real solid build for sure!   This van is for sale in Orlando.  Please message me for details.


The rims were custom color matched to the body colors.  We used automotive base and gloss clear so these rims really pop! They are very close to the flower shape on the cartoon version.


Using the same custom upholstery style we used on our first van was a no brainer. The colors just really add to the interior and the diamond tufted detail is such a classic style.


We switched out the boring stock steering wheel with a race worthy 3 spoke stainless leather wrapped wheel.  Feels great driving with this sleek wheel in our hands!  We added a hub adapter so it sits at the perfect driving position.


We created a custom dog tag car emblem to finish off the body details.  Gives it a little more character


And of course it would not be a true Mystery Machine if it didn't have Scooby Doo waving to our fans!

Click on the photo above to watch a video of the Mystery Machine!

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"Once again, a magnificent job on everything.  This kind of master craftsmanship is what makes Walt Disney World... Disney!"    


- Michael G. Kennedy, Sr. Designer
Walt Disney Imagineering


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