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Art Classes

Tilted Tombstone Studios is one of the only professional scenic arts studios that offers hands on instructional art classes in a functional studio environment.  We have over 20 years of experience in over 15 mediums.  Learn from seasoned artists who have worked on the attractions at Disney and Universal Studios as well as private commissions for some of the most discriminating collectors worldwide! Novice to advanced, we cater to your personal learning needs.  The curriculum continually changes and we are always adding new workshops and classes.  Some of our most popular are listed below, feel free to email us with your detailed questions and needs.


Our learning area is very user friendly and caters to all skill levels

Mold Making For Beginners

copperbones mold 1.jpg
copperbones mold 2.jpg
copperbones mold 3.jpg

Mold making for beginners is the perfect one on one workshop to discover what mold making is all about.  This class covers all aspects of basic mold making by a professional artist who has years of hands on industry experience, this is not just a mix-n-pour class but a glimpse into the world of mold making and the limitless possibilities it can help you achieve!    


From model selection and prep, enclosure and rubber dynamics including de-gassing to the execution of pouring and basic casting into a finished mold, this class covers it all! This is a one day seminar and includes all materials and instruction to create a single pour block mold.  No prior experience is required, this class is catered to artists looking to 'test the waters' of making molds.  Snacks and beverages are included.  Cost $450  


We also offer advanced classes on cavity pour molds, brush on, 2 part block molds and how to properly use fiberglass for support shells.  Please message us for more information!

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"Once again, a magnificent job on everything.  This kind of master craftsmanship is what makes Walt Disney World... Disney!"    


- Michael G. Kennedy, Sr. Designer
Walt Disney Imagineering


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