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Offered to discriminating collectors is a custom crafted Haunted Mansion Gate Plaque Replica. Check out our reviews for this item, collectors are raving! This is a beautiful example of a bronze sculpture with a rich natural patina. Each of these is an artist original, crafted individually with care using a mold taken from a studio cast acquired in the early 90's. We have been creating for Disney and Universal Studios for decades. This cast shows extremely crisp details throughout celebrating the style, texture and depth of the sculpture, not a mass produced overseas piece of poor quality. The spacing between 'The' and 'Haunted' is correct, the first tell tale sign of an incorrectly duplicated piece, all details of this replica are correct to the original. There are details on this plaque that are not present on others. See pics for close ups. This plaque is cast in solid bronze colored urethane resin, not thin injected plastic which loses fine details or brittle easy to chip polyester resin, cast urethane resin captures all details down to the slightest texture and is impact resistant. This plaque is suitable to mount anywhere (indoors/outdoors). The plaque measures 23" by 13.25". The finish is created using chemicals to create the stunning patina, vibrant with dozens of color variations and texture, as on the original, not a one color glaze that looks like green paint smeared on. An industrial hanger is present on the back as well as felt for protection. You will not find a finer crafted replica anywhere, let the close up photos show you the quality of this art piece! These are made to order, timeframes posted are estimates, if you need something sooner please message me, thanks!

1:1 Haunted Mansion Gate Plaque Replica

SKU: 364215376135191
$595.00 Regular Price
$386.75Sale Price

"Once again, a magnificent job on everything.  This kind of master craftsmanship is what makes Walt Disney World... Disney!"    


- Michael G. Kennedy, Sr. Designer
Walt Disney Imagineering


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