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This is our latest creation in the theme of Dr. Frankenstein and classic monsters! This tabletop prop is called the 'Particle Collector'. This is a one of a kind creation by extreme master fabricator Jeffrey Michael Stelter. This is an original design and is completely hand built from raw materials and sourced vintage components. No 3D printed parts, we create with our hands, not with computers! This tabletop prop stands a massive 39" tall and 22" wide, it creates a lasting visual impression in a room for sure. This piece is intended to be the center point of a Mad Scientist lab, steampunk or horror based theme. The motion and lighting effects really draw the eye. The three copper globes spin and are variable in speed via the red knob and dial plate on the control panel. The clear particle chamber has a pulsating effect glowing red within the six copper coils housed inside. The twin phase towers are based on real porcelain standoff insulators. The front panel is a work of art by itself. The vintage pie shaped panel gauges and green beehive indicator lights glow, the dials all rotate and the distressed finish is done to perfection with runs and stains! This is a museum level piece with no detail overlooked, the fit and finish will please even the most discriminating collector. Last photo shows our original hand drawn design. More pics and video available for serious buyers, just message me. This prop is available to be seen in person in our showroom located in Orlando. Thanks for looking!

Dr. Frankenstein Mad Scientist Classic Monster Lab Prop Halloween


    "Once again, a magnificent job on everything.  This kind of master craftsmanship is what makes Walt Disney World... Disney!"    


    - Michael G. Kennedy, Sr. Designer
    Walt Disney Imagineering


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