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Looking for a super cool display collectible that will turn heads and get some attention? This Grogu in Carbonite will surely do the trick! Definitely one of the coolest and cutest novelty props out there! Small enough to mount on any wall but eye catching enough to stand out with fans and collectors alike. This high end display prop is a hand made work of art featuring an original full size sculpt of Grogu, cast in high quality black Smooth On brand resin, the details and texture is unmatched, very old school vibe! His hands and feet protrude outward and runs of Carbonite run from his eyes and mouth, very much like what we would expect if he were encased against his will. His favorite ball handle clutched in his hand as he becomes entrapped. The containment box is hand made from clear pine, glued and nailed with smooth, routered round overs on all sides. There are 2 greeblie side panels also cast in resin, mounted securely on each side. The paint finish is 2 part automotive urethane paint over 2k catalyzed primer, NOT cheap rattle can, this is a total pro build, no expense spared. Glazes, spatters and stains are added to the amazing texture to really bring out the Carbonite look and feel. Every aspect of this piece has been carefully crafted with care. The dimensions are 24" wide by 20" in height and about 7" deep. U hanger tab is present on the back for ease of mounting.

Grogu (Baby Yoda) in Carbonite Prop Replica


    "Once again, a magnificent job on everything.  This kind of master craftsmanship is what makes Walt Disney World... Disney!"    


    - Michael G. Kennedy, Sr. Designer
    Walt Disney Imagineering


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